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Szymon Soppa
CEO, Curiosum

We create ambitious software for ambitious clients

Curiosum creates web and mobile applications with a quality-first approach, using cutting-edge technologies and efficient processes that work well for start-ups and established companies.

We only use trusted technologies that are productive, efficient, scalable and reliable:

• Elixir,
• Phoenix,
• React,
• React Native,
• Vue.js,
• GraphQl

Curiosum office

Grudzieniec 32/1, Poznań, Poland

Curiosum Office

Grudzieniec 32/1, Poznań

What we stand for?

We believe that in the light of constantly growing technological requirements, it is Elixir & Phoenix that are the perfect solution for the future of web application development, but we always stay up to date with trends in the development of frontend and mobile devices.

Using the best backend and frontend creation tools, as well as the choice of technology for server infrastructure and data storage, make our work solid and reliable.

Proven team of developers

The power of experience

By creating software and applications, we have already helped many companies in their development. So far, we have managed to create projects for large healthcare systems and recruitment platforms, as well as solutions for the video games and entertainment industry, e-commerce and e-learning. 

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